Our Services
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Our Services at Hallcroft Opticians

We offer a range of services tailored to our customers from your standard appointment to ensure you keep the health of your eyes as a top priority to picking your stylish frames that will make you look and feel good.

When you collect your new glasses we will give you advice on how to use your glasses, how to clean them and ensure you are totally happy with them.

Repairs & Adjustments

Our service doesn’t just end upon collection, we encourage you to return to have any adjustments made to your frames so that you get the best vision and comfort.

It is essential that your spectacles fit comfortably and securely to give you the best vision, especially if you wear bifocals or varifocals. Frame adjustment is a skill that takes time to perfect and we pride ourselves on getting it right for you upon collection of your new spectacles.

There are times that you will need them adjusting further and we are always happy to adjust your frames whenever required, free of charge. Many repairs can be carried out on the premises, often while you wait. If your lenses are in good condition but the frame is looking a little tired we can clean the frame or change the nose pad and tips to prolong the life of your spectacles.

Some repairs do require expertise or equipment and in this case we send the frame to a specialist. Estimates are always given and repairs completed usually within a week, ensuring that you get an efficient service that will give you peace of mind and ensuring you get back to your daily routine.

Home Visits

If you are entitled to an NHS Examination we are able to offer domiciliary visits through the NHS, if not we can offer our services privately. The charge for us to visit you at home is £70. However, where possible we do advise that it is in the patients best interest to come in to the practice for an examination if at all possible.