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At Hallcroft Opticians we pride ourselves on giving all our customers the complete ‘personal shopper’ experience to make selecting the best frame and lenses as easy for you as possible.

Our eyewear consultation makes choosing your spectacles easier. Our dispensing opticians Bonita or Charlotte will discuss you hobbies, work and lifestyle. They can recommend the best lenses for you. They will look at your face shape and your colouring so they can show you frames that will suit you. You will not be left to browse aimlessly, getting confused on so much choice.

The Right Frames

We have a great choice of frames in all colours, shapes and styles which are selected from mainly independent, family run, British designers.We specialise in Big & Tall frames with a generous fit and petite frames for a smaller head. We also stock Flexon frames – the original memory frames.

The Right Lens

We work with the leading lens suppliers (such as Esalor, Hoya and Zeiss) to make sure you receive the best possible vision whether you need single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses.

Enhanced Reading Lenses

These lenses are now available that remove the restriction of reading glasses and open up fantastic depth of view. Now you can see your computer screen and your notes without getting too close to the screen or stretching your arms for reading. With multiple benefits they are great for office workers, computer users, playing cards and cooking.

Bespoke Varifocals

These lenses are tailored for every aspect of your vision and allow for the choice of frame, how it fits you and how you like to use them. This often completely eliminates the distortion experienced by many varifocal wearers. Even our standard varifocals offer clearer, more comfortable vision than many budget or early design varifocals available.

Anti Reflective Coating

These lenses improve vision, reduce eye strain and make your spectacles look more attractive. These benefits are due to the ability of AR coating to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. With reflections gone more light passes through your lenses to optimise your vision with fewer distractions especially at night and for computer users. The lenses look nearly invisible – which enhances your appearance by drawing more attention to your eyes and helping you make better ‘eye contact’ with others.

Transitions Adaptive Lenses

These lenses darken in response to sunlight (UV) giving comfortable vision in all lighting conditions. New generation transition lenses react faster than in years gone by and the very latest transition xtra active even change darkness behind the windscreen of a car. If you prefer a fixed tint then we recommend polarised sunglasses which will cut down on glare from the sun whilst driving, skiing, sailing or just relaxing on the beach.