About Hallcroft Opticians
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Our History at Hallcroft Opticians

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Hallcroft Opticians and our history of serving the people of Shepshed and the local area since 1991.

Thanks to our amazing customers, we have continued to provide much needed eye care to Shepshed and the local area and we want to continue to evolve and service the ever changing needs of our customers in the local community.

Check out the History of Hallcroft Opticians and the people who have served the local area for nearly 30 years and why not pop into our shop, where you will be assured of a warm welcome and a fast, efficient and affordable service.

Hallcroft Opticians

Established in 1991

We have been serving Shepshed and the local area since 1991, firstly in theĀ  Hallcroft in Shepshed, hence our business name where we began the early days of providing eye care for the local community. Check out a picture of the early Hallcroft Opticians.

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A Family Run Business

Staff at Hallcroft Opticians

Our shop is ran by Bonita Irish and daughter Charlotte Perry, both Dispensing Opticians with Debbie Smith providing admin support. We provide our customers with the correct eye care with a wide choice of frames to ensure our customers can create their own style.

On the MoveĀ 

A new era at Hallcroft Opticians

We embarked on a new era in 2017 when we made the move to our current location on Charnwood Road in Shepshed in the centre of the local community. Our new shop is now roadside with ample parking and close to other local amenities.

An Exciting Future

Working for the local community

We are excited for our future and continuing to provide a service for the local community and welcoming new and old customers. We work hard to improve our services and are proud to support the Hearing Care Partnership at our shop location.